Sunday, April 18, 2010

new do

Things have been SUPER quiet around here lately (ughh, I probably should duck now that I've said that out loud) so I'm resorting to only having my haircut to report on LOL! I'm pretty excited about it. My hair had grown out of it's cute cut from December and was icky and limp and didn't AT ALL look nice if it just did my typical wash-and-wear. So I had my hair guy cut it so that it has a decent shape for the easy days and cute options for when I actually want to put a tad of effort into it. It also should come out looking pretty nice for our Cancun trip when there's going to be lots of "in and out of the pool" do's.

Otherwise, the update is pretty quiet here. The big monkeys are out of school in *gulp* 5-1/2 weeks so they are pretty excited about that. Our big splurge of the summer is that we got season passes to the local water park so the kids and I will be there A LOT and I'm looking forward to having something fun to do with them that's cool in the miserable Oklahoma heat. Carter is great, getting bigger and more independent every day. Stay tuned for a video of him saying grace for the family at's adorable! Joshua and I are counting the minutes until we head to Cancun with our friends in late June, and excited that it means we get to spend my dad's 60th birthday with him as well as celebrate 4th of July here together!
I just realized that I never shared proper pictures of our paint job in the kitchen from January (yeah, ughh again...time just escapes me nowadays lol). Maybe that's a good project for my next blog post... :-).

Friday, April 9, 2010

During spring break last month we had our first gorgeous and sunny and 70 degree day so we headed to the park (and the hilarious part is that two days later we had a blizzard again)! Somehow, the monkeys gravitated to the trees and ended up in them haha!

PLEASE Trevor, don't fall out and break your arm AGAIN!

Carter tried desperately to climb a tree like his brother and sister!

Carter's latest pictures

I got our littlest monkey in for his three year old portraits last week. You never know how a young one is going to do at a photo session, but as always, Carter amazed me and did AWESOME. We got several adorable (and oh-so-grown-up) shots!!

88 days!

On Saturday I finished up Revelation, two days ahead of schedule!! I'm so relieved to have completed my goal, and even more excited to go back and delve into more in depth study of God's word. Admittedly, the 90 day plan is nice, you can say you've accomplished a very fast feat...but sooo much is lost in the rush.

I do want to share two simple words that have been impressed on my heart in the last three months. It probably oversimplifies things, but really if you stop and think, they can be a very profound foundation for life.

The Old Testament in one word...OBEY

The New Testament in one word...LOVE