Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Decade of Trevor!

Our middle monkey has been with us for a decade now...wow, when you say it like that it really makes you take a deep breath and think! Trevor had a great day. For starters, the public school system decided that they would honor Trevor by making today the last day of school...so school was all fun and games and goofing off, topped off with a class cupcake party! Then we headed over to JoJo and PaPa's hotel (they made the 1400 mile trip to surprise Trevor for this big event!) for a swim. We finished the day with a peanut butter cookie (Trevor's request) party.

These last two pictures come about sort of like this..."Mom, get the camera...this is gonna look COOL when you take a picture!" So this is what a ten year old boy looks like posing for the camera underwater lol...

Happy, HAPPY Birthday, Buddy...we love you!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spruce up the backyard!

We've been tossing around having our fence stained since we moved in 18 months ago. Our neighbor decided to have his done, and that was all the prodding we needed with his beautiful fence next to our terribly weathered and grayed (above pic). For Mother's Day I got a garden, and you can see in this shot how nice our newly stained fence now looks! Now, pray for my garden hahaha, as I'm not sure how the crazy windy/hot/tornado summer weather treats delicate baby plants. There will be another post to come if we actually get to harvest some of what we planted.
Carter helped Daddy plant the strawberries, which he calls "weeds with flowers." If you ask him what we did in the backyard, he'll tell you that we built a "Mother's garden and planted weeds!!"

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fun with Carter

Carter loves to play with Thomas the Train tables at the dr office or stores that have children's play areas...so we created our own knock off of the VERY expensive original with stuff we already had...the coffee table that Daddy made a couple of years ago and a set of generic wooden trains that were Trevor's. Can you say HOURS of entertainment?!
Playing at the zoo park and enjoying the giraffes (Mommy's favorite) FINALLY being out for all to see.

Takin' time to smell the flowers!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sing a song of tornadoes!

So even though Oklahoma lost the honorable *eyes rolling* distinction last week and is no longer TORNADO ALLEY, we sure got a beating yesterday! I'm sure most of you saw it as the leading story on the national news...more than 20 tornadoes hit and left paths of destruction hundreds of miles longs (one tornado alone stayed on the ground for 165 miles!). There are so many families who've lost their homes, and a few even their lives and our prayers go out to them. Luckily, our family and our local neighborhood are fine.

We did have a crazy afternoon though. Carter and I were up at Trevor's school for a while and Emilee's spring concert for Choir was scheduled at 6:30. I had made a lasagna earlier in the day and it was on auto bake in the oven so that we could have a quick dinner between school and getting to Emilee's performance. Emilee came home with a friend after school and Trevor and Carter and I arrived soon after. Joshua's mom flew in on Saturday for a visit so she was here too, and Joshua was downtown at his corporate office. About 4:30 the weather got pretty iffy so we headed downstairs into the storm shelter...me, Em, Trev, Carter, Em's friend, Joshua's mom and our neighbor and her little boy...storm shelter count--8 (oh and plus one furrball...can't forget Reese!).

(I'm taking this shot while sitting on the stairs that lead up and out...everyone all smiles and snuggled in!)

It still cracks me up that I have wi fi reception down there, but why argue lol so I emailed with Joshua back and forth, who was trying to get out of his meeting to head home. Things were pretty quiet while we were down there. The rain and wind came and went and came and went. I got a broken up phone call from Joshua that he was on his way home and I urged him to watch the sky and be careful. Then about 5:30 I heard "bang!...bang!...bangbangbangbang!!!" on the metal door of the storm shelter and I told everyone that the hail was coming and to hang on (in the tornadoes of Feb 2009 the hail directly preceded the touchdown of the tornado). Then the latch of the storm shelter turned and there was Joshua, up top laughing at us! He had gotten the ice bucket from the freezer and was throwing ice at the door, trying to fake the hail and scare the junk out of us!! What a stinker!! We all had a good laugh after we settled down and he told us things were clearing off. Since it was quite the procession getting all 8 of us down there, I wasn't ready to come up just to go right back down so we sat tight for a bit longer. Meanwhile Joshua went back in the house, pulled my lasagna out of the oven where it was nice and warm, and served up plates for everyone...so we had a tornado dinner party downstairs!!

We did come out shortly after 6 to cleared skies. The news coverage on tv was jaw dropping, but our area looked to be out of the woods. So we made the fast decision to dash for the school and see if Emilee's concert was still "on" and try to get her there in time to perform. When we got there we were told indeed the show must go on so she jetted backstage. The performance was wonderful! The choirs sang some awesome songs and we enjoyed the show immensely. We also got another glimpse of Emilee carefully caring for her blind friend I've shared about before. She's in choir with her, and it was touching to watch Emilee meticulously make sure that her friend was in place and on cue and safe on that big stage at all times. *double proud parent moment*

(Emilee is in the front row, second from the left.)

Mason and Ethan are ONE!

Mason and Ethan, the two little boys I carried for Gabby and Charlie, turned one in April! We made the trip there to spend the weekend with their family and attend their party! Each of them got their own jungle themed mini cake and they made the obligatory mess with the frosting! (Mason is in front of Daddy and Ethan is in front of Mommy.)

We got to spend time playing and seeing them oh-so close to walking (they are officially walking now since my post is a couple of weeks behind!).

Our big monkeys loved the backyard marshmallow roasting portion of the party...

And just for fun, I thought I'd include two "oh what a difference a year makes" pictures...

Two days old...

One year and two days old...
And I just want to share how wonderful it is to have been a part of helping this family come to be and watching it blossom over the past year. Gabby and Charlie are an amazing couple and they've created a gorgeous family...adorable babies who are absolutely loved and happy. We are so blessed to be their friends!

Before I close this post, I have to include the other nice part of our trip...enjoying the perks that Joshua earns from all of his frequent traveler programs, like FREE hotel stays. The boys enjoyed some wrestling time in our amazing hotel suite...

...and we all had a blast swimming in the pool! (Make sure you spot the boys mid-air!)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

HE is risen!

We had a very nice Easter last month. We served at church off and on all weekend, dyed eggs, did two hunts and had our friend Jenny and her two girls over for a yummy dinner of bbq'd ham.

For me, the best part of Easter came while the monkeys were playing in the backyard. Carter came in the house and told me I had to "come see!" And when I got outside I found this...

All three of them were playing in Carter's sandbox and had created a depiction of the tomb that Jesus' body was laid in after His crucifixion...the stone rolled away and the tomb empty. Em and Trev had coached Carter to say "He is risen!!!"

It was awesome to see the kids, totally unprompted, focused on what Easter REALLY means!