Tuesday, November 18, 2008


For those of you enjoying Love The Monkey Life thru google reader, please hop back to today's CVS post via the blog. I made a couple of math mistakes that are now corrected but your reader only has the first copy.

Ohhhhh CVS...I'm BAAAAAACK!!!!

I went to CVS today for the first time in about two months and ooooh it felt GOOD! There was a diaper deal and a battery deal that I'd seen coming a couple of weeks ago that there was NO WAY I was going to pass up as we desperately needed both. So here's the scoop!

Transaction #1

6pks of Duracell batteries at $5.99ea

1pk of Duracell batteries at $5.29

4 pks of Duracell hearing aid batteries on BOGOF at $9.59ea

subtotal $60.41 (needed $60 to qualify for ECBs)

tax $4.68

total OOP $65.09

PLUS $45.oo in ECBs!!!

Transaction #2

6pks of diapers on BOGO1/2off at $9.49ea

1 gallon of milk at $3.99

total with tax $46.81

minus $45.00 ECB from transaction #1

total OOP $1.81

To sum up the day...

$94.59 of batteries

$56.94 of diapers

$3.99 of milk (sorry, milk is missing from pic)

($155.52 worth of stuff)

for $66.90!!!

By CVS standards this is pretty horrific, but by the normal shopping standards I've been having to deal with since the hurricane I would have paid $10/pk of diapers so all of those batteries and milk were FREE! It was a nice way to get back on the CVS horse. I'm even thinking of braving Walgreens here in the near future as I have one close by.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The LAST Move

Quick update...today we finished moving into our brand new home, hopefully the LAST move we make for a VERY long time. I'll add pictures and such later once we have a our cable and internet back up so I have a decent connection.

BTW...39 days til Christmas...how did THAT happen??

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

We had a very nice Halloween this year! Carter was old enough to enjoy it and Emilee isn't too old yet either...and of course Trevor is always up for some fun! I have a bunch of pictures to share and instead of toying with blogger to get them up here one by one I did a quick upload to my photobucket account (click on the link at the bottom of my post). There are a few pictures of Carter a week or so ago, trying to get cute poses with the pumpkins before they were carved...catching a very wiggly toddler remains a difficult feat lol. Cathy...Josh says the expression on one of those Carter pics reminds him EXACTLY of a pic that exists of him when he was about that age?? Carter has LOVED "playing" with the pumpkins on the front porch all week, trying to lift them (with a distict "oooffff!" as he strains with the weight) and sitting on them and doing laps around them. We carved our pumpkins Wednesday night and Carter was intrigued with what we were doing with his favorite orange "balls". Emilee designed her own carving this year, Trevor branched out to something new (the bat) and Carter's pumpkin is the "oooooo" face. The big monkeys had their school parade and parties on Thursday and then last night we headed out with a very tired toddler for trick or treating in some absolutely gorgeous weather! Luckily, Carter has a blast "outside" and he quickly learned that it was pretty cool to walk up to people's doors. He can't say "trick or treat" or "thank you" yet...but he started saying "BYE!" after they dropped a treat in his bucket...it was soooo cute and not only tickled us but all of the homeowners too! Emilee and Trevor came home delighted that they had FULL buckets and they are busy trying to figure out how to hide their treasure from Daddy!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!!!

Click here for the pictures...
password is "seethemonkeys"
and then click on "slideshow" in the upper right corner