Tuesday, December 29, 2009

blizzard -- pt 2

Here's some more pictures from the blizzard fun!

These "window" shots we took are amongst my favorite...they just seem so classic, I guess. I LOVE this one with a tad of the tree and a glimmering light in it!

In the deeper drifts between our houses, the kids dug tunnels and caves to play in. This is Emilee peeking out of one of them. They had fun for HOURS!

Had to throw a little homeschooling in for Carter...he's starting to recognize some of his letters, mostly C and R. He was tickled to do his "I/A's" in the snow (not sure why he calls letters "I/A's" but he's been doing that for months).

Carter's snow angel...

Reese enjoying playing in the snow...

Here's our first snowman...took a while for the snow to get sticky enough to make one. It was sooo much fun and I don't think we ever made one this big even in Idaho!

Here's Trevor with the snowmen...we had a family of half a dozen snowmen going at one point...and then it was hilarious to see them fall over as the sun melted them. Sorry, Frosty...

Sunday, December 27, 2009

blizzard 2009--pt 1

So Blizzard 2009 headed into Oklahoma on Christmas Eve. We were pretty much the only ones we know that were excited. Of course, first thing when the white started collecting on the ground we had to head out to play in it. But the wind was pretty darned miserable so no one stayed long. Poor Carter bailed after about 90 seconds, the big monkeys held on for about ten minute intervals.

A quick pose with Daddy (notice the squinty faces, the wind was absolutely skin piercing)...

A dog pile after a good attempt at a snowball fight...Emi on top and Trev on the side, Joshua and Art on the bottom, and Reese looking on.

Em and Trev attempting to make snowmen, but the snow was so dry they couldn't get anything to stick together...

Trevor, Joshua, Emilee and Art posing and trying not to fall over in the gust of the wind...

Trevor on the mountain of snow that was drifting on the side of the house (it ended up about three feet deep by the end of the storm).

Christmas Day morning...chatting with our neighbors as they dug out their driveway and told of their wary night adventures of getting their car stuck and having to abandon it in the middle of the street and sleep at the relative's house.

This is their car before it was dug out. The front end and entire under carriage was buried in the snow about two feet deep. It took five guys to dig and push it out. Besides this car, Joshua and Art hopped around the neighborhood and rescued/dug out/pulled out about a dozen people. It was sort of like Joshua's towing service again lol. He enjoyed helping everyone, and had a BLAST hot rodding and sliding and 4x4ing all over our subdivision...Joshua to the rescue!

Our house in the calm after the storm.

One of the most amazing sights of the storm...the view out the front window with snow gathered on the sills.

Posing for some snow pics...

The bundled up monkey in this pic is Trevor...

Red neck sledding in a laundry basket with some rope...thanks for the ride, Art!

The three foot horizontal drift that formed from the snow blowing off of our roof. Poor Reese couldn't even jump it to go potty lol, we had to dig him out a path!

More rides in the basket!!

And this is one of the best treats of a blizzard...SNOWritas! We were out of ice so Joshua headed into the backyard to utilize nature. It made THE MOST soft and delicious margaritas!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry WHITE Christmas Eve...

So us Californians who are Idahoan at heart but transplanted into Oklahoma were BEYOND happy today when we got the rare WHITE CHRISTMAS miracle. We got several inches of snow that ended up creating drifts of a couple of FEET. Really, we couldn't have asked for a better Christmas present...we had so much fun with the kids and our friends, playing in the snow and just enjoying the white scene out our front window. There will be a nice long blog post devoted to the snow very soon...

Tonight, our monkeys are nestled, all snug in their beds and I wanted to leave you with the monkey's Santa picture and one of Joshua reading them the Night Before Christmas as he does every year on Christmas Eve...

Our family hopes that yours has a wonderful Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Our monkey #2 is sporting a new cast...

The doctor says it's healing as it should. He's got this one for 4 weeks and then hopefully he'll have a clean bill of health.

After taking Trevor's first broken arm picture in front of what I thought was a weird random buffalo in the doctor's parking lot, we've been spotting buffalo in several places. So now it's become a project to get Trev's pic with each one we see. This one was downtown, across a lake so I shot it hoping to get the buffalo in the background...

This is another downtown buffalo, several blocks away from the one by the little lake.

Trevor having a chat with Santa about what happens when you jump over the couch and miss the landing. Santa was impressed enough to ask if he could sign his cast! And yup, just in case you are wondering, Trevor still believes in the magic of Santa!!

Our downtown does some beautiful holiday decorating and this backdrop is my favorite so Trevor posed for me...

Last but certainly not least...Trevor won this month's school character award for compassion. It certainly fits as we always describe Trevor as our "lover, not fighter."

Monday, December 14, 2009


Emilee has been keeping busy with cheerleading for Upward, a Christian sports organization, and singing with her school choir. She's been enjoying both very much, with singing just barely edging out cheerleading as her favorite. Her choir had two Christmas performances this month, with a hilarious rendition of Deck the Halls being the crowd favorite.

(Em is in the front row in the green shirt)

Emilee just before her choir Christmas performance.

Taking a horse-drawn carriage ride at our local college's Christmas kickoff celebration.

Emilee having a chat with Santa for the sake of her brothers.

Cute pose with Daddy!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thanksgiving in CA -- pt 2

Sunday we were able to make it to the morning service at our old church. It was wonderful to visit there with friends and catch up with our pastor. Then we had lunch with one of my oldest and dearest friends, Quinn, and her new baby and husband. We've gone from preschool friends to know having known each other for 25+ years...it was wonderful to have our two families together! (Darnit, we forgot to get a picture!)

Then we headed to the beach. We had a fun afternoon sightseeing and playing tourist around our favorite coastal town. We fed the seals, walked along the piers and played in the sand and water.
Trev goofin' around on the Embarcadero.
Can't miss feeding the seals!

Em having fun at the beach!
Carter's first time puttng his toes in the Pacific Ocean

We enjoyed a yummy dinner of authentic clam chowder with my brother and he took us out for a tour of his new boat. We had an amazing day! It's silly how being land locked in Oklahoma has soooo made us appreciate the Pacific Coast!!

The rest of our vacation was spent enjoying time with my parents and our friends. We took the big monkeys to see a movie, Joshua cooked us some yummy dinners, and Mom and Dad made a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner complete with all of the trimmings. All in all a great vacation!

We flew home on a direct 3 hour flight on Friday (sigh, I missed Black Friday shopping). Carter again did amazing on that flight too, napping and behaving wonderfully...guess I stressed over nothing lol.

And first thing was first...the very next day Joshua dug all of the Christmas stuff out of the attic so we could start decorating. Stay tuned...

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thanksgiving in CA--pt 1

Joshua and I headed back to CA...and took the monkeys with us...to spend the holiday with my parents and our friends, Art and LaVerne. Originally, the trip was to mostly be a Disneyland vacation, but since Trev broke his arm, we regrouped to a more low key holiday. One of the most exciting parts of the trip was that it was Carter's first time on an airplane. Personally, I was petrified about taking our crazy two year old on a flight where he had to be confined and obedient for a significant amount of time. Joshua of course in true fashion, was absolutely sure he'd be a pillar of awesome behavior!

We arrived at the airport on Saturday for our flight and all three monkeys were very excited. Carter did great going through security, and even answered the TSA agent when he was asked what his name was (I almost fell over as he almost never talks to strangers, especially on cue!). Trevor had to stand for a special search due to his arm being in a cast and he was very brave through that too! When we got to the gate, Joshua was called up to the desk and like usually happens to him when he travels, they wanted to upgrade him to First Class (for free!) because the flight was full. Super husband that he is, he asked if they'd put me up there, and he chose to stay with Em, Trev and Carter in the back of the plane. Carter did great on the flight...I never once heard him screaming in the back like I feared he would lol. We had a plane change in Denver and just as we were about to board the second flight, Joshua once again worked his "I am a seasoned flier" magic...and this time got ALL of us upgraded to First Class FOR FREE! And this upgrade was just spectacular. "How cool" First Class is depends on the size of the plane and the length of the flight. The bigger the plane and the longer the flight, the better. Well, this was a HUGE plane and a 2+ hr flight...so we got the royal treatment!! Drinks served in glass cups, warm nuts in china dishes, a choice of full lunch served on a tray placed over a tablecloth (at a time where in the back of the plane they don't even hand out tiny bags of peanuts anymore), hot washcloths folded in cute shapes provided so you can "wash up" after your long travels, being referred to by name...it goes on and on! Needless to say, we had a blast and it was a super cool experience to share with our kiddos. Carter slept almost all of the way (thank goodness as it was past naptime!) and Emilee and Trevor showed super manners and behavior. Toward the end of the flight the attendants shared that they kinda freaked out when they saw three children on the manifest in Frist Class, thinking that it would be the flight from hell...and they were VERY impressed by how our monkeys behaved the whole flight!

Shuttle bus on the way to the aiport

Carter's carseat rigged to the top of a rollaboard briefcase...viola...a pint sized seat with wheels!

Is that OUR AIRPLANE, Daddy?!

Carter's first flight!

The monkeys enjoying one of Daddy's frequent flier perks...admission to the elusive Red Carpet Room (bet most of you didn't even know this secret oasis hidden in the airport even existed, eh?!).

The best way to enjoy First Class...

Trev enjoying his First Class lunch

Joshua and I opted for the chicken salad

Gotta get the captain's autograph of course!

Hey girl, bring it in easy, OK?! You get extra points for a soft landing!