Friday, June 14, 2013

Our Garden!

In February Joshua decided he wanted to try his hand at gardening in Texas so we hit Home Depot and a local nursery and got started on our new family project...

Carter was probably most excited out of all of us...he's alway had an affinity toward plants. He will care for any greenery he can get his hands on...from a weed to a nice fruit bearing or flowering plant. You can imagine how excited he was to be helping Daddy on a whole garden!
This is a glimpse of the garden growing nicely in a shot I took on Easter when the monkeys were hunting for their Easter Eggs.
Now you've probably seen a couple of updates from Joshua on Facebook. He has shared some of the earlier harvests there in short picture posts as I have not had much time this Spring to get at my blog. But tonight both Joshua and Carter were so excited that I had to share.

So here are pictures from today, four months later! First is our cucumber patch which has more than overgrown it's little area.
And Carter excited about today's harvest of potatoes, green beans, leeks and cucumbers! We had a 12 pound harvest today!
Carter was most excited about the cucumbers. I think because they are coming fast and furious he picked SEVENTEEN which came out to be 10 pounds 14 ounces (thus the ten fingers)!
And the cool part of the cucumber weight is...that is exactly what Carter weighed at here's a newborn Carter sized pile of cucumbers!!
Hello? Hello? Anyone there on this cucumber phone?!

The past couple of weekends we have been canning cucumbers/pickles.  Stay tuned, I will update on our canning adventures soon!