Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas wrap up

I got a few awesome pictures with my Christmas gift, a DSLR camera (thank you, honey!!), so I couldn't help but share with you.

Last night Joshua read 'Twas The Night Before Christmas to the kids. It was his sixteenth year reading the story...I just love tradition like that!

All three kids got exactly what they asked Santa for this year. Em and Trev got cowboy boots and Carter got a spark scooter. Carter declared "I got exactly what I asked for AND it's exactly what I wanted!" He just cracks me up! It was an awesome morning, unwrapping gifts around the tree with family and friends! Then Joshua made us a "Grandma Ruth style" Christmas breakfast. Yum! And then we lazed around for the afternoon playing games and hanging out.

We wrapped up the day with a delicious dinner cooked by Joshua. I tell you guys...there's no reason ever for me to cook...cuz with meals coming from him like this, it would just be a tragedy to stop the winning streak. He made us prime rib, sautéed green beans/mushrooms/carrots and twice baked potatoes. Crazy.Yum.!!!

Hope everyone had as fantastic of a day as we did!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012!!

Sorry this will be an unorganized post, but my laptop crashed so I am stuck blogging from my iPad. (I wont be able to insert pictures where i want them, but i think you can get he idea.) It isn't ideal but its better than nothing as I really wanted to get a post up for everyone, to wish you Merry Christmas, and to tell you we are thinking of you.

It's been a busy month, regular activities plus Christmas ones added in. But we were able to fit in an awesome Santa party put on by our realtor, Darlene. She seems to have a sweet spot in her heart for our family, so the boys got a bit of special treatment, including a private visit with Santa before the regular "everyone stand in the long line for a turn to talk to him" chaos. Trevor requested cowboy boots and Carter asked for a spark scooter so we'll see how that works out ;-). Thank you for an amazing time, Ms. Darlene!!

I've put off getting my normal artwork and pictures on the walls yet...anti climactic post move blahs...but Christmas inspired me to get my seasonal stuff out, so I thought you might enjoy a tiny peek around our home with a few things actually on the walls!

Carter had two fun Christmas parties at school, including cookie decorating with his friends.

Emilee wowed us with her voice at her choir Christmas concert and Daddy brought her flowers (anyone else floored by how pretty she is?!).

Trevor started his cross country season...he's running about 5 miles per day training...pictures to come in January from his first meet!

I got a huge Christmas surprise on Saturday night...Joshua convinced Art to hop in the car and make the 1700+ mile drive from CA to spend Christmas with us! They didn't say a word to me, so I about fell over when LaVerne walked up to me in my kitchen Saturday evening! We haven't spent much time with them in almost three years so its pretty awesome to have our dear friends with us!

Andy and Mandi are here too...having moved here from CO last month. We have started doing Sunday Night Family Dinners (this is a very special tradition Joshua's family always did when family was close by). And we got to celebrate Mandi's birthday yesterday...and we are excited to have family in town for Christmas (especially Joshua since his family can rarely come visit us). They are even going to stay the night tonight so we can all enjoy opening gifts around the tree together.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!! {insert VIRTUAL HUG}

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Vegas, Baby!!!

In October, Joshua was invited to a customer appreciation event by Freightliner and at the last minute he was told he could bring me along.  So we were able to get Mom and Dad to come out to watch the monkeys and Joshua and I got a four day getaway!  Between Joshua's company and Freightliner, we were treated like royalty the whole trip.  (I sure hope that my sharing does not come across as bragging.  I'm crazy humbled by the luxuries we get to enjoy on occasion nowadays. Between Joshua's crazy hard work paying off and his company being just downright amazing anyway,  we are soooo lucky it just boggles my mind!  So please know that as I share our adventures, I'm thinking "looky here, guys, can you believe this stuff? cuz I can't!" lol.)

So our trip started off in First Class...no better way to catch up on photo editing for long overdue blog posts than to be enjoying a yummy margarita and warm nuts!
Toward the end of our flight from Houston to Las Vegas we flew over the Hoover Dam and I was able to snap this cool shot.
We stayed at the beautiful Bellagio
We got some time to walk around on the strip.  We saw a Pirate show right along the side of the road and snapped this picture for pirate-obsessed Carter...
And Joshua loved the ceiling of the Venetian...
But Joshua's favorite was the World's Largest Chocolate Fountain.  It's 27 feet tall and it was located right inside the Bellagio in one of their pastry shops.  (You might want to click on the picture and enlarge it so you can see the crazy awesome details.  They didn't use mirrors as the picture seems.  The upper portion is the underside of the pools and streams.  It really is AMAZING!!)
In the morning, Joshua woke me up by using the remote control to open the curtains (seriously?! remote control curtains?!)...

And brought me yummy fancy coffee with a little "B" stopper.
The official "appreciation" was a surprise dinner event.  We got all dressed up for it.  I think this is the fanciest we've ever dressed up except for our weddings!  It was really fun to get all dolled up, and I didn't even fall over in my heels lol!
The theme of the event was Mission Impossible style, and Freightliner spared no detail!  This is what greeted us as we walked into the grand ballroom.
They had photo op stations, where we could take pictures with Secret Agents...
And this is the only picture we remembered to take of the food, which was crazy amazing!  The main dish was Chilean Sea Bass.  I've never had it before and WOW, it was just to die for!
After the dinner, a surprise guest was to perform.  They did a fantastic job keeping his name under wraps before the party...and we were all floored when Keith Urban walked out on stage and gave an intimate performance for our crowd of 150ish people.
We were seriously 10 feet from K.E.I.T.H U.R.B.A.N.!!!!!  He gives an outstanding performance!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Catching up...CARTER!

{{Going to try to catch up Carter and a post about Joshua and I, so I can get onto the newest most exciting post...our BIG FAMILY TRIP we just got home from!}}

So onto Boog!!! He's definitely still ALL CHARACTER! This is him looking a little too much like a terrorist. This was garb from a dress up photo booth at Jenny and Bryan's wedding, and Carter thought it was totally cool!
Carter LOVES the water too, and here are a few late summer shots. Playing in the creek in Bricktown, Oklahoma.
And posing with Mommy on the bank of a creek at a park near our house in TX.
And we finally got a new towable tube, so now Carter gets to join in on the water fun when we go boating!
This is how this picture played out. We spotted this chaise in the hotel we stayed in for Jenny's wedding. Carter said, "Mom! Stop! You have to take a picture of me talking on this phone in this chair!!" And so he struck a pose, the photo was snapped, and then we were allowed to go on with our day lol!
Carter found this critter at the beach in Galveston. I've never actually seen a crab just out on the sand where the waves are crashing so this was a cool find! AND Carter was pretty brave to hold it on his hand!
Daddy and Carter play a game between iPads. It's pretty cool because it gives Carter another way to interact with him when he's gone. So this is them catching up on their "Clan" over the weekend while Joshua was home. I was extra motivated to catch this picture because shortly before they sat down to play, Carter had gotten all dressed up in his fancy clothes because "he had a meeting" soon. Adorable lol!!
Carter's kindergarten class had a Fall Concert so here he is all dressed up...

And a goofy one with Mommy right before we left...
And this is all 6 kindergarden classes together on the stage (Carter is above the white arrow...you might have to click to see the picture zoomed in).

Their performance was ADORABLE as you can imagine. They sung a bunch of songs and did hilarious arm movements. Some days Carter is purposefully shy, and some days he's very animated...all at his own discretion lol. I was tickled that he chose to be so darn cute that night! Here are a couple of video clips from their show...

Fall approached and pumpkin carving happened. And when I made my yummy pumpkin seeds, a cute little monkey kept sneaking into the kitchen and snatching them...which is hilarious because he's normally very picky about "new" or "different" foods. Totally floored me that he LOVED these!
And here's a very cute Indian, all dressed up for his class Thanksgiving Feast, complete in home made vest with requested beads along the edges!
Lastly, this is what happens when I give him my iPhone to play with. In just a few seconds time I will have fifty goofy face shots of him. CRACKS me up!!!!!