Wednesday, July 18, 2012

First Leg

The first leg of our trip was Boise to Cheyenne, WY. I thought I'd share the view I had over the eventual 1900+ miles of our trip...the back of our trailer. I was always right behind Joshua, who was towing was a LOT of miles looking at those bikes lol.
The nice part about having two vehicles was trading monkeys around. Each one got some one-on-one time with us, and some extra space. I'd say that time with Daddy was probably the highlight, and as you can see, Emilee was quite amused to snag Daddy's hat. Isn't she a GORGEOUS cowgirl?!

We arrived at our campground and all were a bit surprised at the sparse landscape. When we had "camping" in our head for our trip, THIS wasn't what we pictured...but it's Windy Wyoming, what should we expect? Our trailer did look pretty awesome though!
There was a very not-up-to-current-safety-regulations playground that the kids immediately ran over to play on. ALL day in the car meant they had tons of energy.
And there was a mini golf course so we all whacked around some balls until the attendant said we had to go in. A severe storm started to brew and we weren't allowed to stand in an open field holding metal sticks over our heads...go figure!

The HIGHLIGHT of the day for Carter was taking a bath in the "Booga Sized" trailer bathtub.
And just before getting settled into bed, the kids decided to go outside and test the crazy 50mph+ wind that was whipping around our trailer from the storm. They could barely stand up!
Good morning, trailer-style! Thank you, Daddy, for making us amazing cinnamon rolls!

And you can't forget that the pets were all packed into the trailer with us too. Above, with Carter, you can see Trevor's crabs in their travel tank hanging on the dining table. And Emilee's birds chirped non-stop from their perch on the sink.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Signs of Moving

I thought I'd get started with our moving story with a sort of "say it with signs" version. The picture above was one we snapped as we moved TO Idaho.

As we started our moving journey, the first state line we crossed was into Utah. It was sprinkling...just barely sprinkling...but Carter refused to get out of the car and get wet (yes, he's Mr. Personality some days!)
Then we quickly were into Wyoming and we couldn't get to the sign to get a cool picture so this across the road one had to do.
Day 2 brought us into Colorado and it also brought Emilee's adorable conversion to Texan with Daddy's hat (oh and look, Carter joined the picture because "it is sunny now, so I'll come")!
Day 3 had us through Kansas...
And we made a long push and got into Oklahoma!
We spent an extra day in Oklahoma and then completed the last leg into Texas. We don't have a family picture with the Texas sign as the weather was T.E.R.R.I.B.L.E. and it was all we could do to keep our truck, trailer and van on the road safely. But just to make this seem complete, I've borrowed a picture from dear ole Google...
So we're back in Texas.  As the Texan natives have trained us to say..."We're not from Texas, but we got here as fast as we could!" HAHAHAHA!!!