Friday, April 29, 2011

Is it November yet??!!

I am SOOOO sorry it has been almost a month since a post! Life just keeps getting away from me and "extra" computer time like this is scarce.

This is *sniff* our last skiing post for the season. We had skiing as a family! It was the best investment and just so awesome that all five of us LOVE it...yay for family time! So here's the last videos and pics of the season. They are a combo of the last two trips we took up. I took the monkeys by myself one day over our Spring Break, and then we went one last time as a family the following weekend.

Carter was so excited to ski that he hung onto his skis ALL the way up to the resort. We couldn't get him to let go for ANYthing!

Em skiing alongside of Carter

Em waving from the chair

Trevor taking a quick rest at the top of the "big hill"

Em snapped a pic of the boys and I

I made a collage of my fav shot of each of the monkeys and I on the chair lift

Here's Em cruising down the "big hill." You can also see what I was talking about a while back about being worried about Carter falling off the "cliff" that's on one side.

This is a clip of Carter and I rounding the 180 degree switchback on the "big hill." It can be tricky for adults to make, and here Carter zooms around it like nothing haha! And then we catch up with Em, who was waiting for us.

Carter and Emilee cruising...

Emilee took the camera for a while (we are working on her keeping the camera steadier) and caught a clip of Carter and I (and Trev is in there for just a second too)

Trevor LOVED going down the black diamond runs. NO FEAR in this kid, I tell ya! He convinced Joshua to go down a run that was part black diamond and part blue square (one level easier than black diamond). This is a clip of the two of them coming down the bottom half of that run. The video makes it look pretty easy but believe me, it's FAST and DIFFICULT. (You might want to watch it twice so you can pick out who Joshua and Trevor are cuz it's easy to spot them at the end.)

This one is Carter and Joshua skiing down the "big hill." Joshua had Carter playing a game of "point which way to go" and then had him practice coming to a dead stop (if you turn up your speakers, you can hear Carter make the "errrrrrrt" screech to a stop sound).

Last but not least, a video of Trev skiing. It shows him pretty calm, meandering down the hill. That's usually not his style, but you probably won't see any of his crazy black diamond antics any time soon. I REFUSE to go up on those hills with him and when Joshua goes, he's more focused on getting down in one piece than filming :-).

Til winter 2011...

Friday, April 1, 2011

Look Ma, No Training Wheels!!!

So we noticed lately when Carter rides his bike that he barely taps his training wheels side to side...a tell tale sign it's about time to try taking them off. So this morning Joshua took him out to give two wheeling a try. It was a little rocky...

But after a pep talk from Daddy, he tried again after dinner and viola!!

Yup, just four years old and riding a bike with no training wheels...GO BOOG!!!