Tuesday, November 17, 2009

CA trip--NASCAR (pt. 3)

The last leg of our quickie CA trip was to the Nascar race on Sunday. Joshua's company sponsors a car and has a dedicated motorcoach that travels the circuit to all the races and we were invited to be VIP guests and watch the race. Early in the day we got to tour the pits, stand inches from the cars and take pics as they were lined up ready to race and then we hung out at the coach where we were waited on hand and foot by a staff dedicated to just us. It was pretty awesome. They fed us amazing catered food, served drinks and yummy snacks (including these to-die-for cupcakes that aparently were featured on Oprah). The race was pretty cool too. One thing I have to say about it...it was LOUD...louder than either of us expected! And it was tricky to see the whole track from where the coach was parked...so funny as it may seem, we watched a good portion of the race on one of the three huge flatscreens the coach was equipped with. Every so often we'd pop up to the roof of the coach and watch the cars go 'round for a bit. And we even lucked out and got to see a pretty decent crash (isn't that really why anyone watches Nascar?! lol). I now have a totally new appreciation for the movie Cars...it is soooo like you see on the movie and it was quite exciting to experience that close up!
On our way to the pit tour...had to snap a pic of the 24 big truck for Trev...his fav!
The cars getting inspected before the race...they all have to fit into that mold to be approved.
The rear view of the cars' big trucks lined up outside the pits.
Me posing next to the M&M big truck (for my dad)...and no, I didn't cross my arms on purpose lol.
The Crown Royal truck for Joshua
Pit row...notice the flags hanging over each "spot"...so the drivers know exactly where to pull in for tire changes etc.
The cars getting lined up in starting order.
Home Depot car on it's way to it's position...another of our family's favorites.
Joshua and I posing in front of 24 for Trev.
The crowds of people filling the stands before the race.
Part of opening ceremonies...a parachuter with a flag trailing beneath him...I'd never seen anything like that before!
The view from the top of our motorcoach, over the sea of other crazy Nascar circuit groupies' coaches.
The coach we hung out at all day...you can see the rooftop viewing area (inside there was the coolest staircase you went up to access the roof).
The crash...ahh Nascar lol!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Blue Cast

Don't ask me exactly what this patriotic buffalo is doing as the parking lot decoration of Trevor's orthopedic surgeon's office...but it made for an interesting backdrop for him to show off his new cast!

Dr reports that the "set" looks great and Trev picked out blue for the cast that he'll have for the next three weeks. He didn't go with the green/red we talked about, as he'll be getting another cast after this one, and that cast will bring us right up to Christmas so it seemed more fitting to save the green/red for later.

CA trip (pt. 2)

Saturday we were headed to Joshua's cousin's wedding. On the way, we stopped in and saw the friends who bought our home from us when we left CA, and we popped in on another family that Josh has been friends with since middle school. It was really nice to get a quick visit in with them!

The wedding was beautiful. We arrived a couple of hours before the wedding and got to spend some time with Joshua's family whom we miss very much. It was crazy to see the bride as "all grown up" as I tend to remember her as the adorable 5 year old in the bright pink dress at my wedding. It was wonderful to meet her new groom and welcome him to the family. And Joshua was also surprised and honored to be asked by his other cousin (the bride's brother) to be a groomsman in his upcoming spring wedding. Here are a few pics...

Joshua and his cousin (bride's brother)

Joshua and I goofin' off in the gazebo before the ceremony (notice his leg!)

Joshua and his grandmother and his cousin

The bride and the groom!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Seriously, Trev?!

Friday night we had a party at church and took these hilarious photo booth pics...

...got home and started getting the monkeys ready for bed. Carter and I were in the bathroom when I heard "CRACK" and Trevor screamed out in a panic for me. I ran and met him in the kitchen---and.then.I.saw.it. For the third time, Trevor has broken his arm. Really...I want to say "SERIOUSLY, Trev?!" and then I want to hug the poor monkey cuz it just stinks for him. We spent several hours in the ER and got his arm set in a temporary cast. Can I also just say here, thank God that Joshua was home. By what has to be divine intervention, he is always home for "the big stuff" and I'm really glad that he was here again. They reduced Trev's break in the ER with just tylenol with codeine and local anesthetic injections. THAT SUCKED so bad for him, and he was SO BRAVE (the PAs and nurses kept telling him over and over how he was sooo much tougher than most MEN that they treat with broken bones)...and luckily Joshua was here and loves that medical type stuff so he was able to hold Trevor through it while I rubbed his leg and talked to him but turned my head.

Here's the pic of his initial xray and one of his hand in the chinese handcuff contraption (that they used to reduce the fracture and relax the muscles before they put the temporary cast on).

Trevor is doing ok. We are right back in the familiar swing of life with a broken arm. Luckily this time it's his left, so he's able to do his schoolwork and feed himself. We went shopping for clothes at the thrift store that we can cut up to fit his cast, and Josh rebuilt his loft bed into a lower bunk so he doesn't have a ladder to climb with a cast. Tomorrow he's going to give a shot at going to school, and I'll get on the phone with the pediatric orthopedic surgeon to get an appointment to get his permanent cast put on. We have to get it done by Friday as we leave on vacation to CA Saturday morning. Unfortunately we had to cancel the Disneyland portion of our trip due to all of this, but we are hoping to try and go back in the spring.

I'll be back in a few days with pics of his cast...he's hoping they have red and green for a Christmas theme!