Saturday, January 30, 2010

White is my favorite color!!!

Everything is fine! We never lost power and it's just gorgeous outside!

Thursday night Emilee (and Carter) made cookies and we shared some with both our neighbors. I think the knock at their doors in the middle of an ice storm quite surprised them lol!

Here's a shot of our poor tree in the backyard. We didn't get as much ice as other areas (about 1/2 an inch here...other places got more than an inch which sadly destroyed 100 year old trees). You can click on the picture to see it closeup.

I measured about 12 inches in the medium spots in the backyard last night before bed. I had to shovel Reese a 3x3 area so he had a place to potty. He's hilarious. He seems to like to play in the snow, but he tries super hard to resist walking in it just for bathroom purposes.

And here's a late day shot of the front of the house. I've got quite the task today of shoveling the driveway and breaking up the ice so I can get the car out for chruch tomorrow.

The kids are starting to get up and they are so excited to head outside to play! There are some awesome snowmen just waiting to be built, and of course some laundry basket sledding too! Have I said lately that I love the snow?!?!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ice and sleet

Well, the sun is setting on day one of "Ice Storm 2010"...dud dun dun DUNNNN!! (Sorry, just had to add the dramatic background music...the drama over these storms would crack UP all of you people who don't live in OK.)

Anywhooo, the monkeys and I had a great day. We went a few blocks over and visited with friends and had breakfast before the roads became unpassable. Then we've snuggled around the house most of the day...playing, reading and watching movies. The ice started about 8 am and this afternoon changed to sleet. Overnight it's supposed to change to snow and we should have a solid 8 inches to play in by the time it lets up late tomorrow!! Oh, and the weatherman says that if we keep our power until about 7pm, we should probably make it without an outage (t-minus 45 minutes)! Hooray, cuz as fun as candlelight and camping style cooking is, it's stinking COLD! So here's to spending Saturday building some awesome snowmen!!

I caught this awesome pic of the ice accumulating on our chiminea...

You can see the ice forming on the storm shelter door and vent...

Here's a shot late evening from standing on my front porch. The white is "sleet" not snow, which seems to be small extra cold hail.

As long as we have power, more to come tomorrow...

Here's hopin'!!

My neighbors can't stand me (hi B&U and J&B!!) cuz I'm cheering on the crazy weather headed our way. I took some calm-before-the-storm shots yesterday afternoon. It was in the mid 60s...we played out front in tshirts and flip flops...the sun was was gorgeous! This morning, the freezing rain is starting, sleet and thunder/lightening is coming and up to 16 inches of snow is forecasted (we'll probably get 5-8"...heck I'm happy as long as we get somethin'!). I'll post some "after" shots as I can snap them. School was cancelled for today and I'm sure the kids will be out tomorrow too as driving and power outage issues won't be half as bad today as they will be tomorrow.

So we are snuggling in for some fun. I've dug out all the camping gear (propane lantern and stove and sleeping bags to keep warm in from losing the heat) in case we lose power. Candles and board games are standing at the ready. And I brought the tub of snow gear down from the rafters so we are ready to bundle up and go outside and play in it as soon as we can!

For once I'm happy that Josh had a weird travel schedule this week and won't be home until Saturday night as they have already cancelled most of the afternoon flights for today...he's usually flying in on Thursday evening, so that would stink if he were stuck somewhere and couldn't get home.

Woohoo, let the fun begin!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


[We've had a crazy busy few weeks around here so I had to take a break from most of my extra computer time. I'm hoping to be back at things and I'm picking up with finishing the spotlight I was writing for each monkey...]

Carter's post's title should be "I AM SO BIG!" He's grown up in a hurry around here! All in about two weeks' time (at the first of December) he potty trained and said goodbye to his beloved pacifier. Can I just say a quick AMEN to how easy he was to potty train AND that he was done well before his 3rd birthday? In less than a week he was done and it's soooo nice to be a diaper changing free household. Joshua pointed out to me in Target today that diapers were on sale and I got to say "I don't care!!" hahaha!! And he did pretty darn good with giving up his bink as well. We told him that we had given all his pacifiers to the babies and he was a big boy now. Only a time or two has he asked for it, and amusingly enough, he's decided that our friend Jenny (who has no babies) has them. So those nights he wants to go ask Jenny for them back...but we can usually distract him and get him snuggled happily into bed.

Here's the last known picture of him with his pacifier. It's also the last picture of him wearing pajamas. In his "growing up" he's also decided that he will sleep naked. And even on nights that we get him into pajamas before putting him to bed, when I go to tuck him in for the last time before I go to bed, I find him sound asleep naked with his pajama's defiantly on the floor beside his crib.

And here's one in the midst of potty training...

Cute goofy picture of Carter in the car...

Playing one of his favorite new Christmas toys...the airport that goes with his Geo Trax set...

Blowing off some blizzard/below zero freezing cabin fever in his sandbox in the backyard on one of the first tolerable days (notice there's still some snow on the ground...we had beautiful white to look at for exactly three weeks since the temps stayed so low).

This is a teaser picture for a blog post to come. What do you do with a "helpful" and "curious" and "wiggly" toddler when you are trying to paint the house? You plunk him on top of the refridgerator and tell him not to move of course (an he happily obliged since it was so "cool" up there!)!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

90 days

Accountability is a powerful thing so here goes...I am going to read the Bible cover to cover in 90 days (or less!).

I gave a go at reading the Bible in a year about two years ago and stopped dead in my tracks the night that we lost power when Hurricane Ike hit. I told myself I'd get back at it when all of our "homeless" upheaval was over, but I didn't (I'd gotten just shy of halfway). So as one of my New Year's resolutions was to be more consistently in the Word, I started reading yesterday, January 6. I'm going to read cover to cover this time...instead of some Old Testament/some New Testament/some Psalms/some Proverbs as was the plan with the 365 day bible I'd started before. I'm hoping the Genesis to Revelation approach will be a bit easier as the other was a tad ADD for my already scattered brain to grasp hahaha.

Sooooo about April 5th, make sure and ask me how I did!!