Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013!!

The forecast all week had been for significant rain all day and evening on Halloween. I'd been seriously worried about what-the-heck we would do if it was too wet/dangerous to go trick or treating. ( in there had been crazy lightning, serious enough that you shouldn't be outside for safety's sake...especially holding an umbrella over your head, ie. lightning rod lol. And that was beside the fact that we got 4 inches of rain in a couple of hours so it was not just WET, it was flooded!) Anywhoooo, about 4pm, the skies started to part, the clouds cleared off and the sun even peeked out. Trick-or-treating was ON!!!!

Super cute monkeys 1, 2 and 3!
Yes, Carter was a pirate...again! He's just so in love with pirates...still...that he couldn't imagine being anything else, even for variety's sake. So he got a new and improved eye patch, a gold earring and a pirate hook for his hand to spruce up his beloved pirate costume from last year.

Trevor was a green skeleton guy. Funny note...we thought it was hilarious that he didn't have to "smile" for my pictures cuz of his mask. Who knows what crazy face he was actually making as mom snapped away hahaha!

As you can see, the candy haul was very successful! And you should be impressed, Mommy and Daddy haven't eaten ANY of it...yet!

Emilee dressed up as Minnie Mouse so it was an ADORABLE coincidence that Mandi had picked the same for sweet baby cousin Austin. It made for some super cute pictures when they came over to visit later that evening!

And not to be forgotten, Reese wishes everyone a very Happy Halloween!!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Almost Halloween!!

We saved our pumpkin carving for tonight, because here in hot and humid Texas (yup, it's still easily in the 80s here and STILL crazy humid) you can't carve much earlier or your creation will turn into a moldy, icky mess. So here's a few pics from our fun...

We started out in the driveway.

And had to move inside the garage when a downpour came through...

Emilee's boyfriend, Garrett, stopped by to help get the goop out of the inside of the pumpkins.

And here are the finished creations! One pirate ship (that also doubles as a pretty cool pumpkin face) pig...and one crooked smiling jack-o-lantern!