Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Almost Halloween!!

We saved our pumpkin carving for tonight, because here in hot and humid Texas (yup, it's still easily in the 80s here and STILL crazy humid) you can't carve much earlier or your creation will turn into a moldy, icky mess. So here's a few pics from our fun...

We started out in the driveway.

And had to move inside the garage when a downpour came through...

Emilee's boyfriend, Garrett, stopped by to help get the goop out of the inside of the pumpkins.

And here are the finished creations! One pirate ship (that also doubles as a pretty cool pumpkin face) pig...and one crooked smiling jack-o-lantern!

1 comment:

Papa & JoJo said...

looks great!!
Hoping for great weather tomorrow!