Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fresh air!

We are nearing the end of the beautiful weather here in Texas known as Spring. Summer will be here soon and going outside will involve nothing but sweltering temps, dripping with humidity and mosquitoes.

BUT!!! Tonight was gorgeous so we all headed down to the end of our culdesac to play on the green space after dinner. Joshua brought all the baseball gear and he and Em and Trev tried some hitting practice.

Em was first up at bat...

And she claimed that Daddy spent most of his time trying to bean her in the head with the ball instead of throwing fair pitches! Duck, girlie!!!! HAHAHA!

Thanks for being a quick catcher, Trev!! Gotta love those runners who can chase squirly pitches and tipped foul balls!!

Carter took his batting pretty seriously as he is in training right now for his new tball season...

And he made six hits tonight with Daddy pitching (this is a big step up from tball!) before we had to head in because it was getting too dark. Nice job, Boog!