Saturday, February 23, 2013

Carter is turning 6!

So sorry that its been silent here! I've been without a laptop for almost two months and it's next to impossible to blog consistently without one. So I'm going to be on crazy catch up mode to share all that we've been up to since November when I last left off. And we had so much fun today, that instead of catching up in chronological order, I'm going to start with Carter's birthday party. Our littlest monkey is turning SIX!

When I asked Carter what he wanted to do for his birthday, he told me he wanted "a pirate party, in the park, with silly string!" It was such a simple request, he got exactly what he asked for! The highlight of his party was hands down the cake. I had told Carter I'd make him a standard 9x13 cake in a pan and draw a simple pirate ship on it and would be a "pirate cake"! But he super sweetly asked me if he couldn't maybe have a "built up" cake, just like Buddy on Cake Boss makes?? Ummmmm. Yeah, so Mommy isn't super creative like that...but thank goodness I remembered that Mandi, Joshua's cousin, IS creative like that. And look at the masterpiece she created. Best of all...Carter was BEYOND stoked that it was a "built up cake exactly like I asked for!!"  Thank you SO MUCH for all your hard work, Mandi!!  (Click on the pic to see it larger.)
A little blowing out candle action...
And enjoying eating it too!
Cute pirate pose on the play structure...
And the much anticipated and super exciting silly string extravaganza!!!