Friday, February 27, 2009

The Littlest Monkey Turns TWO!!

Today was Carter's second birthday. Oh how time flies and things change...I delivered Carter two years, four states and five houses ago! He's certainly a far cry from that tiny baby we brought home in Idaho and then quickly whisked off to Arizona. I want to share some of the fun (and not so fun lol) stuff he's doing but it's getting late, so I'll save that batch of typing for another night here soon...but I wanted to share a few pictures of his big event before I turned in.

Carter helped me make cupcakes the night before.
Up and at 'em nice and early...packing around the balloons that were gifts to his little friends that would attend his party later in the morning.
Playing in the afternoon in his big gift from Daddy and Mama...a new sandbox!
Daddy brought home Sonic for special birthday dinner...and he actually ate it!!
Carter blowing out his birthday candles (we actually did it twice cuz he had so much fun lol)!
Notice his little tongue carefully going at that frosting...
Opening his birthday gifts!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Family dinner fun

Or as Josh's coworker would say..."guppies for dinner"!!!

We have come to love sushi over the past two years (probably a $huge$ mistake that we introduced the big monkeys to it lol) and Josh tackled making it at home for the second time tonight...partially because he loves to be in the kitchen and partially because it's been increasingly difficult to manage Carter at a restaraunt (can you say "I'll be 2 next week??!" lol). So we finally found a place that sold soy wraps (we all have decided we aren't fans of seaweed) and some nice fresh sushi grade tuna and off Josh went to work his kitchen magic. He made a couple of different versions of the California Roll (with crab), and he made a couple ahi tuna rolls. YUM-O was the vote all around the table tonight!! AND Josh decided to get extra cute and make a fruit roll for dessert! Here are a few pics...

getting the rice laid out for the first roll...
Trev setting the table with the first plateful...
Josh getting ready to roll one of the ahi/crab rolls...
Josh proudly showing off his efforts (and looking ADORABLE in the improv Japanese bandana)
Carter ready for something, ANYthing that invovles STICKS!

Fruit roll for dessert...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hungry Robot

Wanted to share a hilarious pic of Trevor with his valentine collection thingy from his class party. We had quite a bit of fun, creating this critter from a costco sized cookie container and our bucket of miscellaneous nuts and bolts. Trevor decided to give him serious eyebrows because "he was hungry for valentines" lol. And then when I went to take a pic of just the robot, Trev jumped in and made this face. I asked him why and he said he wanted to match his robot lmbo.

Hope everyone had a great Valentines Day...we did!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


This is getting annoying! My friends are calling me the natural disaster magnet. First, in 2003 we dealt with a pretty significant earthquake. Then last year in TX we had Hurricane Ike destroy our home. Now here we are in Oklahoma and what do ya think happened today?...tornadoes!!

It was interesting to say the least. I got up from naptime and was getting ready to head out to Walmart to pick up a few things when I heard some thunder. I thought to check to see if it was going to be maybe too rainy to go out and do errands. And just as I clicked on the site, the tornado siren went off. Oh Walmart today, this was seroius!

So I quickly read over the warnings and alerts and decided that Carter and I (and the dog) ought to head out to our storm shelter. I gathered some snacks for Carter, some water and blankets, my cell and my laptop and headed down. We got settled in and first things first...I checked my laptop for signal and WOOHOO, I was able to be online (amazing to have wi fi signal 8 ft underground)! So I was able to keep an eye on the tornado warnings and watches as they cycled thru and email to Josh in Canada so he knew we were ok. We got some SERIOUS hail from the storm, some up to the size of ping pong balls (areas around us got up to BASEBALL sized hail!). It sounded horrific pounding on the metal door of the storm shelter. It was so loud I couldn't even hear myself talk. The top two pics in the post are of the hail when I took a minute to come out and peek after the hail had stopped.

Carter had a blast while we were down there. He played on the stairs and just chattered and laughed and had a good ole time. Even when it was soooo loud he was a very happy camper. The dog was pretty unhappy, he hates the shelter and his animal instinct told him something was he was pretty restless.

After about 90 minutes there was a pretty good break in the storm so I headed back into the house to turn on the news and wait for my neighbor to come over with her daughter (she had tried in between the first two cells of storm but couldn't as it was too dangerous to drive the 6 blocks). After she teased me for putting in a storm shelter last month, today she was thinking it was a good idea to come to my house to weather the storm lol (love ya, J!). Anyway, we weathered the rest of the storm in the house as the tornadoes were dissapating. By this time it was also well past time for the big monkeys to be home but I knew they were in lockdown at school. They were much safer there than in transit to home. They eventually got home at 6:30pm...over two hours past normal time...hungry and keyed up but just fine.

After I'd had time in the house to watch the news, we learned that a tornado touched down about 1.5 miles from our house...and several touched down within several miles of us. It caused serious destruction, but luckily there are no fatalities reported yet. And here's the place where I also add that after all of the back and forth that Josh and I did in deciding if we were going to put the shelter in or not...I'm VERY happy that we did. It was a definite comfort to be able to go down there and know we were safe no matter the choas that might happen above ground.

So I've had a bath and I have my feet up, trying to relax off the craziness of the day. Good grief the drama just doesn't stop lol (trying to keep some humor here tho!).

The last pic here is of Carter and my neighbor's little girl having dinner tornado style lol. They were so cute together all afternoon...just blissfully playing, having no idea of the craziness going on.