Saturday, November 16, 2013

One week to go...

We are taking our very first cruise for Thanksgiving and the much anticipated countdown is finally at t-minus 7 days as of this morning! It's become our family tradition to take the week of Thanksgiving and go somewhere awesome with the kids. This year it's Belize, Honduras and Mexico! And even more exciting, Joshua's Grandma Ruth is joining us!! So in the interest of anticipation, we drove out to the Port of Houston last Saturday to see our ship at dock as it was trading out passengers. Here it is. Kinda CRAZY HUGE, eh?!

I will have lots to share once we get back. But since we will be officially unplugged for the entire week of Thanksgiving, here's our Happy Turkey wish for everyone!! Hope you have a fantastic holiday and stay tuned for updates on our adventures when we get back!!!
(Carter and I at his Thanksgiving Feast at school yesterday!)

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