Monday, August 5, 2013


So it's been almost forever since I got something up on my blog. Well...two months...but still, that's terrible, when in the blog world daily or three times a week at least is much more the norm. Oh well, life is crazy/good here and I'm just not getting on my computer for much more than a quick facebook check, email triage and the handful of hours I put in each month for my awesome work from home job. I am! We are out of town hanging in OKC while Joshua works. The boys and I are going to have some fun, visiting favorite friends and hanging out in our former home city. And this morning, the boys are still snoring so I thought I'd shake a little dust off my blog link and check in.

Soooooo. It's already been said, I'm RIDICULOUSLY behind here on my blog. I have aspirations to catch up months of updates, but for this morning I thought I'd share a quick current project. I'm seriously trying to talk myself into embracing and committing to the fact that we just might be staying put for a while in Houston. 7 years of moving constantly has me pretty gun shy. But the radar screen says "nothing ahead" so I'm talking myself into tackling making my house look more "homey" and "decorated"...not so much like I'm ready to move next week if need be. So in the interest of baby steps I tackled our entry way bench this weekend. The cushion was SAD. The cover is not removable and it's been spilled upon over and over by various multi colored concoctions.
So, I pulled out some of the upholstery fabric I had leftover from our camping trailer remodel a year ago, sat down with my sewing machine for a few and gave it a new (removable/washable) facelift! Much better, right?!
Next projects...paint and decorate Carter's room in a pirate theme, paint and decorate Trevor's room in a Houston Astros theme, buy new furniture to fit our WEIRD/ANNOYING living room shape and paint the kitchen. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

very good !!
us said...

I am totally impressed! You have come a long way in sewing. I remember when you didn't want to see one let alone own and use one. Great job! Love you... Cathy