Friday, August 30, 2013

First Week Of School

Everyone is out the door this morning for their last day of the first week of school. The week seems to have been a success. Everyone is fairly happy with their teachers, was excited to see their friends after the long summer, and we're adjusting to the get up and out the door routine fairly easily.

Here's their annual First Day picture from Monday. Each of them is seeming soooo grown up right now!

Emilee, 15.9 yrs old, Sophomore

Trevor, 13 yrs old, 8th grade

Carter, 6.5 yrs old, 1st grade

We are outta here in a couple of hours to go camping for the weekend. Yup, we are being THOSE parents and pulling the kids out of school
early :-)! Have a great holiday, everyone!!!

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Uni said...

Good pictures of the kids! They are growing up so fast! Thanks for your visits. We miss all of you! Uni and Bill