Friday, September 13, 2013

Homecoming, Texas Style

So here's a new one for us! It's Homecoming Week for Emilee's high school. Celebrations and spirit activities are happening all week. Today is the much anticipated football game and it's tradition that all of the girls wear these Homecoming Mums. I was kind of like "WHAT??!!" when I was told about this tradition. We definitely didn't do anything like this when I was a kid in California. And I should clarify, these mums don't just show up or get handed out. They are HAND MADE. And PERSONALIZED. By CREATIVE PEOPLE. And that's pretty much not me lol! So I was super lucky to have an awesome creative friend who took me under her wing and helped me make made Emilee's mum while I watched (Miss Kelly, THANK YOU!!!). It might be a bit hard to see, but Emilee's is personalized with a pig for FFA, a treble cleff for choir and some silver western charms.

So here's Emilee as she headed off to school this morning, jingling and smiling and looking very school-spirit-filled!


Dink said...

That is an interesting tradition. I guess it seems normal if that is what you grow up with. She looks cute as always!

Jamie said...

Oh the things we do for our children! I have never heard of this tradition. It looks like she had fun!!